Another of my passions is cooking. This is expressed in the Casa Turquesa’s kitchen. Its cuisine is so remarkable that resulted in a recipe book by Tetê Etrusco with drawings by Filipe Jardim illustrating the selected recipes. The homemade breakfast includes tapioca pancakes, muffins, free-range eggs and mouthwatering French toast. Freshly baked cake, cookies, tea, coffee and juice are available whenever guests return from their outings.

Feeling hungry at the poolside? The Casa Turquesa staff will prepare light snacks for you on demand like ceviche, carpaccio, salads, stuffed crab shells, quiche, ravioli or hearts of palm on mini-spoons. In the evening, try a Dry Turquoise, the hotel’s signature drink with coloring to match the Casa.

And since nobody should be tied down by rigorous schedule, guests are welcome to order any menu item anytime, anywhere – in your room, under the gazebo or at the bar – just as if you were in your own home.