Associação Onçafari was created to promote environmental conservation and foster the socioeconomic development of the region where it is located through ecotourism and scientific studies.

On the ecoturism front, their work is to take guests to see wild jaguars on safari vehicles. The whole process is executed by a team of experient biologists, always respecting the animals and with guest safety in mind.

Besides the studies about Jaguar behavior, living area and finding ways of reducing conflicts between jaguars and local communities, Onçafari also develops reintroduction projects, giving captive animals a free and wild life again.

Currently they are rehabilitating and teaching 2 jaguar cubs to be wild again. These cubs were found in the Amazon Forest when they were just a few days old (their mother was probably killed by poachers), rescued and taken to captivity. Now, Onçafari and partners are teaching them to be wild again so they can be returned to the wild.

More info about the project can be found at: oncafari.org

To help saving these 2 jaguars cubs please go to:: gofundme.com/oncafari