Viva Bicho

As any harbour city, Paraty has a few challenges when it comes to the up keeping and care of animals brought to the city and left behind. In love with the environment, sustainability and our little animas friends, Tetê Etrusco united with a group of volunteers on a series of actions via Viva Bicho Paraty to reduce the environmental impact and the mistreatment of animals due to abandonment and cruelty.

From vaccination of street animals to the search, care and re-housing in caring new homes of those animals, the group has produced amazing results helped by generous donations of like-minded people and volunteers. They have helped all sorts of animals - from dogs and cats to horses - that were abandoned on the streets of the city.

Some of the projects of Viva Bicho Paraty include “Guide-Dog for Tourists”, where a dog is trained to guide tourists through the maze like streets of the city and back to their hotel; negotiating with local authorities to end rodeo like entertainment and the implementation of strict laws against animal cruelty.

If you feel inclined to give, all donations are welcome!

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