Turquoise Blue - the colour that inspired us!

Casa Turquesa came to life when I finally chose to make my home in Paraty after years of going back and forth between France and Brazil. Welcoming guests has always been one of my passions, which is why I though to myself “Why not create a place where feeling at home is a priority?”

Friends told me that the city lacked a cool guesthouse, a place that combined comfort, elegance and a certain artistry. And so I went looking for the perfect place. The task was arduous, but I ultimately found just what I looking for in historic downtown – and close to where I had always lived. It really was a true extension of my house, and of my art and joy of properly welcoming guests!

I had the support and encouragement of an angel investor who is the best business partner in the word. He convinced me to work with renowned architect Renato Tavolaro, who has restored over 40 buildings in Paraty’s historic downtown.

From our investment, hard work and inspiration, a deep friendship emerged among the three of us, and Casa Turquesa was born. This foundation, born of mutual respect is still strong today, as a reference of savoir-faire that outlasts the trends and fads of mere business acquaintances. What truly makes us different? Our ever motivated and skillful staff, our impeccable service, and a house that exudes balance and levity.

A place as special as Casa Turquesa could be nothing but the fruit of all these factors… together with my passion for welcoming guests with open arms!

Tetê Etrusco